The Souls Ignited Cover is Here!!!

We proudly would like to present the cover of Souls Ignited: The Story of Vlad the Impaler and the Women He Loved (The Passion of the Dragon Saga: Volume Three) to everyone! Writing this story has been a journey and with the cover of this third volume, we had our amazingly talented cover artist (Erin Martin) create a cover to truly convey the dualities that are portrayed throughout the books not only with Erdenia and Erzsébet but also with their individual relationships with Vlad. The final result turned out beyond our expectations in how she took a vision and brought it completely to life.  We hope you enjoy it as it gives a little more of a taste of what to expect from Souls Ignited. The book is nearing halfway written and we are now even more excited for its July release, which is exactly four months from today! Stay tuned for more updates regarding the series!

-Rayna and Helena


Changes for the Souls Ignited Release

releaseannouncementnewAfter much thought as we got to working out more detail of the plan for Souls Ignited and the remainder of the series, we had to make a decision as authors. We both personally felt that we rushed into completing Love in Flames, not giving it a proper treatment for release and the ending we had already planned. This was not something we wanted to deal with again. We felt we sold ourselves short and the second book in our series short by ending it before we were ready. In order to not to that to ourselves, these books, or our readers again we decided to postpone the release of Souls Ignited from December 12, 2016 to July 24, 2017. Understanding that this is a major jump there is more news from us both as individual authors coming soon. There will also be a lot more updates regarding the series as we prepare for volume three’s release next summer. We have much more to tell you regarding the story we have been seeking to tell and our trips to Vlad’s castles in Romania. There’s also some bonus little tidbits to come that we have been preparing to share with you all.

Do we hate that we have had to postpone the next release? Of course we do! A lot has happened in our lives in the past year that have contributed to this. We have moved quite a few times across the Atlantic and back plus a few more across the same town. We have readjusted our lives as we settled back into life since our return to the U.S. last December. As a result, we felt spread a little thin. We do not want to release anything less than the best possible results where this next book is concerned, where anything in this series is concerned. So with all of that said, we made the difficult but necessary decision to postpone the release for Souls Ignited. We have also set the release date for Fall 2018 for volume four. Should anyone be reading that is new to the series, Hearts on Fire & Love in Flames are both available in paperback and for Kindle. Also, for Kindle readers there is a special digital boxed set for a special price of $3.99!

As things in our lives have changed, solo projects have started to develop more fully for us both. Rayna will be releasing her first solo project in late 2017, the first book in a Romance Series she’s writing! Helena will be releasing the first book in her upcoming Fantasy Series in early 2018! These projects are just the start of more developments for us as writers outside of this series. With that being said, we must say that this series was something we never imagined we would actually go through with writing and we are still 100% devoted to it. It is just no longer the only prose spilling out of our pens.

Stay tuned for more news about our personal projects and The Passion of the Dragon Saga coming soon!

-Rayna & Helena

Big Announcements: Volume Three Title and Much More!


We are so excited to finally share with you the title of Volume Three of The Passion of the Dragon Saga! It will be titled Souls Ignited: The Story of Vlad the Impaler and the Women He Loved and it will be released in Kindle and Paperback formats on December 12, 2016!

We are hard at work on Souls Ignited right now. We have nearly four complete chapters and are eager to have more completed. We have been making some major changes to the timeline and adjustments to the story. All the changes we believe make our story better, as well as stronger. We are wanting to not just tell a beautifully romantic and tragic story but also to stay true to history. Keeping up on our research is a major thing for us and that sometimes forces us to make changes to our story. However, it does not move our thoughts and ideas completely off our outline, only to a different part of the timeline. As we write more, we will have more to share about the upcoming December release. So please stay tuned for the blurb and some teasers! 🙂

boxset1&2To celebrate the coming release of Volume Three of The Passion of the Dragon Saga, we are releasing a special digital boxed set of the first two volumes, Hearts on Fire and Love in Flames, for all E-Book formats! Look for it on August 24, 2016 at a special price of $3.99 for the full text of both books! It is already available for pre-order on Amazon! Keep a watch on the blog for links to buy this special set on other online E-Book retailers!

We are also going to be doing another round of special Kindle Exclusive deals for both Hearts on Fire and Love in Flames!

Hearts on Fire will be available for FREE on Amazon Kindle:

  • August 25 through August 29, 2016

Love in Flames will be on a special sale on Amazon Kindle:

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  • August 14, 2016 at 1:00pm Pacific Standard Time, price changes to $1.99
  • August 16, 2016 at 6:00pm Pacific Standard Time, price changes to $2.99
  • August 19, 2016 at 12:00am Pacific Standard Time, price returns to regular $3.99 price

Keep an eye out for more updates and don’t forget to mark your calendars for all of these dates!

-Rayna & Helena

Upcoming Kindle Deals!

passionofthedragonsagaWhile we are busy working on the next volume of the series, enjoy your chance at a Kindle copy of Hearts on Fire and Love in Flames either FREE or at a REDUCED PRICE! Our upcoming Kindle deals are a great lead in for the summer where we will be finally unveiling the title of the third book as well as releasing a digital boxed set of the first two books! Look out for the cover artwork in the coming months as well! Our wonderful cover artist, Erin, has been hard at work on the cover for this book and we are again in love with what she has done!


We are still hard at work on the third book in the early chapters and outlining out the remainder of the book in greater detail. There will be more to share about this story with all of you very soon! In the time being, mark your calendars for the upcoming Kindle Promotions!

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-Rayna & Helena


Making Progress!!!

We have been doing a lot of writing this week to the tune of three completed chapters with about a third of the fourth chapter written on Volume Three of the series. We have both sat down with our general outline and specific timeline of the third book to add more detail and figure out that we are looking at somewhere between 11 and 12 chapters this time. In addition to that, we have realized that in the detail that we want to give the story we are telling that instead of projecting seven books in the series, it will be eight. All eight planned books have names and they will be announced as time for that volumes release comes closer. Pretty soon we will be announcing the title of book three that will be released September 25th! This is getting more exciting for us as we write and plan more revolving around this series. We both decided to write The Passion of the Dragon Saga together to tell a story about Vlad the Impaler and the women he loved while also painting Vlad in a true, historical light. We wanted to show the man and the legend for what he truly was, stripping him of the vampire image that Bram Stoker pinned on him in the late 19th century. Erzsébet and Erdenia’s stories are developing more and more as we write from their perspective. It is an emotional roller-coaster as we travel back in time to write stories that we had casually talked about as just a crazy idea for years. It is nice to announce progress on the writing to the world. Before we know it, we will be in the editing stage of this book and beginning to write the fourth volume! Stay tuned for more updates as we return to the world of castles, candlelight, and mountains!

-Rayna & Helena

Back to work…

chindiatowerWe thought we would give everyone a quick update of how things are going on with writing volume three of The Passion of the Dragon Saga. We are currently two chapters in and working hard on writing and putting our thoughts together when it comes to the plot. So far, it does seem like this will be longer than Love in Flames. We are very excited about where the series is going and can’t wait to share more with you!

We also want to give everyone a reminder about the upcoming Kindle Promotions for both Hearts on Fire and Love in Flames.

Hearts on Fire: The Story of Vlad the Impaler and the Women He Loved FREE Kindle Promotion

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And for those of you who are football fans, we will be watching the big game this Sunday and cheering for the Carolina Panthers!

-Rayna & Helena


It’s been a while…

Hearts on Fire alternate version resizeIt’s been quite a while since we have been able to post an update. We have not fallen off the face of the earth, only have moved back to South Carolina from Romania. We have been getting back into the groove of life here after our return. We are getting to work on the next installment of The Passion of the Dragon Saga though. The timeline is currently being hammered out to the smallest detail from our larger plan for the series. What’s the title for Volume Three? Stay tuned for an announcement of that coming soon! We can say that it will arrive this September. In the meantime don’t miss out on our special Kindle deals for Hearts on Fire and Love in Flames!

Hearts on Fire: The Story of Vlad the Impaler and the Women He Loved FREE Kindle Promotion

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  • February 22, 2016 at 12:00am (PST) returns to the original price of $3.99

There will be more updates to come as we get to work on the next installment of the series! We will be unveiling the title soon as well as giving more updates about the story as well as our travels. We hope you have all had a safe holiday season and Happy New Year!

-Rayna & Helena

Love in Flames is Now Available!

front cover resizedLove in Flames released to the world just three days ago! We have been super excited about its release! It was quite a journey writing this volume of The Passion of the Dragon Saga but was well worth every up and down to see it finished. Now that it has been released, we can start focusing on Volume Three! More details to come on the next book to come in the near future. For now, we hope you enjoy the second part of this story as we begin our work on part three.

-Rayna & Helena

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Calling all reviewers!!!!

passionofthedragonsaga2Book reviewers out there, would you like to get a snippet of your review on the back of the Hardcover Dust Jacket for Love in Flames? Here’s your chance! We featured snippets from reviewers on the back of the Hardcover edition of Hearts on Fire and have decided to continue this through all of our releases! Haven’t read Hearts on Fire yet? No worries! We will happily send you the first book as soon as we receive your review inquiry in your choice of pdf or mobi format so you can get to reading right away! We will have the review copies of Love in Flames ready to go in a few days! The Hardcover edition of Love in Flames comes out December 1, 2015 so you would have two weeks to read and send us your reviews! We always offer a digital copy in exchange for honest reviews. So book blogging community, we want YOU to review The Passion of the Dragon Saga! This will give you all the chance to be featured and be recognized for your wonderful and tireless efforts in the Indie Author Community! So let’s help each other! Send us an email ( today requesting to review!

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Time is approaching…Updates, News, & More!

front cover resizedWe looked at the calendar today to realize that there are only twenty days left until the release of Love in Flames! This is quite exciting for us both to be finalizing the second book of this series for publication! We are finishing the editing as well as pulling teasers and choosing the preview section. We cannot wait to unveil the teasers and preview to you all! It is not easy to choose these teasers and as usual we are liking way too many little quotes than we should use. Once we go back through the entire book, we will narrow those down and then get them prepared for a big reveal! Stay tuned for more about those teasers because they are coming your way very soon!

Just nine days ago, we paid a visit to The Old Court Museum Voivodal Palace here in

Bucharest, also a former home of Vlad the Impaler’s. However, we will keep much
details about this history to ourselves for now. In our eyes this is not as important of a home in his life as The Princely Court in Târgovişte was. blog collage 2rgovişte is the location of the first three volumes of The Passion of the Dragon Saga, so for now that is more our focus. The ruins in Bucharest not being our location in the story did not keep us from enjoying the visit and having a bit of fun.

We recently ran a free promotion for the first volume of the series, Hearts on Fire, on Amazon Kindle. It was a very successful promotion with more than 300 Kindle users taking advantage of it! We want to thank each and everyone of you for the wonderful outpourings of support that you have given us. Thanks to this, we have decided to permanently reduce the price for Kindle and Paperback! You can now grab a Kindle copy of Hearts on Fire for $2.99 and a Paperback copy for
$10.50! If you p
urchase a Paperback copy on Amazon, you can get a Kindle copy for FREE through the Kindle matchbook program! For those of you that have grabbed a copy, we would absolutely love it if you would leave us reviews on Amazon, Goodreads, or even your blog!

Mark your calendars fblog collageor the upcoming release! Love in Flames: The Story of Vlad the Impaler and the Women He Loved (The Passion of the Dragon Saga: Volume Two) will be releasing in Paperback and exclusively for Amazon Kindle in the digital market on November 26, 2015! It will release in Hardcover on December 1, 2015! For those of you new to the series, Hearts on Fire: The Story of Vlad the Impaler and the Women He Loved (The Passion of the Dragon Saga: Volume One) is available now in Paperback and Hardcover from multiple retailers and exclusively for Amazon Kindle!

Now it is time for us to get back to work on finalizing the release of Love in Flames so that we can get back to work on Volume Three! Stay tuned for more news and those teasers that are coming soon!

-Rayna & Helena